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About Us- Locksmith Van Nuys

Established more than 8 years ago, Freedom Locksmith has become the leading locksmith in Van Nuys and surrounding areas.  Our quality work and great customer relations set us apart from all other locksmith companies.  Freedom Locksmith retains almost all of its clients because of our trustworthy, friendly nature that is not often found in the locksmith industry.

At Freedom Locksmith, we are pleased to work around the clock, 7 days a week, 365 days a year providing you service after service. You can call our hotline and speak with one of our friendly dispatchers. And they will be happy to help, guide and make sure you receive the service you need. Freedom Locksmith can offer an Emergency Locksmith Service or service by appointment. Our emergency service is there to help you out when you’re frustrated or are having a crisis. We want to be by your side within 20 minutes of your call, giving you that speedy service that is necessary in an emergency. We are a mobile service so we come to you; (747) 900-1779.

At Freedom Locksmith, we pride ourselves in being able to cover a multitude of services for your home, office or commercial Locksmith space. We are also able to offer so many services because of the skill and dedication of our technicians. Each one has received in-depth training in the art of locksmithing and put that good training to use on a daily basis performing lock picking, bumping, installations, repairs, and consultations.

Additionally, our locksmiths are insured, bonded and licensed. And each of them carry out their work from a mobile unit. The mobile work units are equipped with state of the art tools and machinery enabling our technicians to perform the finest, most intricate jobs available.

Our Best Services

At Freedom Locksmith, we handle the most hair- raising situations you could encounter on the road. Some of these include car/home lockouts, losing your keys, a key jammed in the ignition, replacing said car key, trunk lockouts, and dozens more. If you’re experiencing this situation right now, we advise you to stay calm, hang tight and allow a professional to take it from here/ do the heavy lifting from here. Our technicians have years of practice and will take care of you in no time at all.

Locksmith Van Nuys

Car Key Replacement

For lost, stolen, broken, and/or keys that are stuck inside a lock, we can replace your keys, make new keys, extract keys, and much, much more. Just provide us with the make, model and year of the vehicle to help us help you quicker.

Locksmith Van Nuys

New Locks

Maybe you faced a break-in and need new locks right away or your locks are starting to play up. We can install any type of locks including high-security locks, deadbolts, double cylinder locks, and lever locks. You name it, we can do it.



Just moved in or simply lost your key? We offer rekeying services on the spot regardless of where you are located. Patient technicians can alter the pins inside the lock to make a brand new key, leaving the old one useless.


Security Inspection

We are able to perform a safety and security inspection around any of your properties. We can also assess the level of security you have in place and come up with any weak areas to improve.

Locksmith Van Nuys

Access Control Systems

Gone are the days when Locksmiths just handled old-fashioned lock and key problems. Nowadays, our locksmiths grasp the most advanced technologies and can fix, install or maintain any home security system.


Miscellaneous Items

The set of drawers in your home, an office desk, the mailbox, an internal door, even a safe. Any of these items are something Freedom Locksmith can deal with. If the key doesn’t work, it broke or got stuck in the lock, we are here for you.




My Car Key Snapped

I was traveling around Los Angeles one weekend and decided to stop off at the beach. When I went to leave hours later,  I suffered an unfortunate incident- my car key snapped from inside the lock.


What is Rekeying?

Do you want to go for a rekey service? Confused about what it is exactly? Here is a complete guide about the practice of rekeying locks. Rekeying was first invented by Solomon Andrews in 1836.


Locksmith- The Concept

The most important aspect of any of your belongings is the protection that you get for them. And when it comes to your home, office or your car, you become highly conscious…