When You Need an Emergency Locksmith Service

emergency locksmith serviceWhen You Need an Emergency Locksmith at the Scene

No matter how organised you are, there will always be an emergency where you will need a locksmith to help you. There are various things that will not occur as planned; therefore, it’s important to make sure you have a resolution strategy in place.

Whether you are using a smart lock or the standard key as the security for your home or office. Consider having a backup in place on how you can best handle these situations. In this article, we cover some of the situations where you might require an emergency locksmith service to assist you in accessing your house or office. And most importantly, to make sure you continue enjoying top security.

  1. A Jammed Lock

For various reasons, you might experience a jammed lock. This means that you will not be able to lock the house or the office. Does this mean that you shouldn’t leave the house or office to attend to other matters?

The best idea here is having a backup plan which can be an alternative lock that you can use to secure your property until the next day when you can replace the lock. Alternatively, you can call an emergency locksmith in West Hollywood to help you service the jammed lock.

  1. An Attempted Break in / Burglary

When there is an attempted break in, you will definitely need help immediately to ensure the broken lock is replaced. Most criminals will use high level equipment to try to force your locks open.

This requires a highly qualified locksmith who will have the ability to check the damage and advise you on the best course of action.

  1. Accidental Key Damage

What happens when the keys to your door lock get damaged accidentally? Aside from panicking a little bit, you will want to get a replacement immediately. This is so that you can access the locked room or lock the door to the room. Not all locksmiths will be able to offer you the best replacement and on time.

In that regard, it’s always important that you hire an emergency locksmith service who will help to handle the situation as soon as possible.

When you’re going to need an Emergency Locksmith Service

First, it’s important that you are aware of the best locksmiths in your area available to assist you no matter the time of day or night. At West Hollywood Locksmith, we offer our clients the best emergency response services in the Los Angeles area. And you can always count on us for the best service delivery.

Note that when hiring an emergency response locksmith, it’s important for you to ensure that it’s a company that has a proven track record of performance offering fast and reliable services. In most cases, the emergencies require a fast and qualified response. Thus, it only makes sense to hire a fast respondent.

Lastly, no matter what the emergency is, you’re going to want a qualified locksmith who will handle the situation in the best manner possible. Only contact qualified locksmiths who offer exceptional emergency response services in West Hollywood.

Why Combination Door Locks Are Good For You

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Combination Door Locks Van Nuys
Have you ever consider the benefits of replacing the traditional cylinder locks in your home or apartment with combination door locks? Why choose a combination door lock for your home or apartment? This are just a few of the numerous questions related to the security of your home that every homeowner should think about from time to time.

When it comes to providing comprehensive security for your life, loved ones and properties, giving deep thought to the type of locks you choose to install in your home or apartment will go a long way in determining the quality of home security you have in place; as well as determining how well protected your home doors are from external attack.

If you are a homeowner who is well conversant with the rise in recorded cases of lock bumping and lock picking incidents, then you can attest to the fact that installing combination locks in your home or apartment is no doubt one of the best ways to protect your home from intruders and burglars who use the lock picking and lock bumping methods of opening home doors that are secured with traditional key padlocks.

There are many reasons why installing combination locks in your home or apartment might be beneficial to you. From the residential security point of view, one of the first advantages of installing combination locks on your doors is that they allow you to maintain complete control of your security system. With combination locks in place, you don’t have to worry about how has unauthorized access into your home or apartment.

Another benefit of installing combination locks on your doors is that it gives you the opportunity to adjust the lock combination without having to change the lock. Whenever you feel your lock combinations have been compromised, all you need to do is just to replace the old lock combination with new ones. This not only helps you to provide quality security for your home at all times, but also saves you the stress of having to change your lockset all together.

One of the greatest advantages of using combination locks in your home or apartment is that it makes it a whole lot difficult for intruders or burglar to break through a combination lock at home. Even the most prolific burglars who are adept at using lock picking and lock bumping methods to gain access into homes or apartments will surely find any door secured with combination locks a bit more they can handle.

There are several types of combination locks available on the market today. So if you are thinking of being proactive with the security of your home or apartment by installing combination locks on your doors, then you may want to consult with an experienced residential locksmith locksmith on how to select the best type of combination lock for your home. With the assistance of a reliable residential locksmith, you should be able to opt for the right type of combination lock that suits your taste and budget.

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Security Systems

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In this day and age protecting your business should be high on the list of your proprieties. Unfortunately over time, burglar and thieves have become more and more savvy into the latest security developments and pose a great threat to your company if you are not up to date with security that fits to your property, style of business and location. You will become an easy mark for unsavory activity, attracting the wrong kind of characters to your location. It is also important as a business owner and employer that your staff feel safe and secure along with any merchandise, valuables, money, documents and other effects held at your location. Here are a few of the different security methods available in today’s market:

Access Control – This is restrictive system that limits access to the building and certain areas within you property. Access Control Systems come in varying forms, anything from a physical barrier, card reader, key code, magnetic swipe reader, touch key fob, finger print or even retina scan.

Swipe card – Magnetic Swipe cards are quite a popular method for a lot of businesses. You insert your magnetic swipe card into a card reader, the card reader will process the information given on the card and grant you access to your allocated locations, usually an LED will show up green and allow you to enter.

Pin Code Entry – A simple code generator system with a group of numbers or letters that will allow or not allow you to enter

Biometric – This control system is using the very latest technologies and is one of the best types of systems available but is also one of the more expensive options and tends to be used by major firms. Biometric access can mean finger print use, facial recognition, iris recognition, retina scan, voice analysis or even hand geometry.  A machine will scan your body part and allow you access to the building, with this type of system you can generate a database of times and areas each person has accessed as well as limiting access.

High Security Locks – usually made from toughened fabric, multi cylinders and bump proof fabric to help prevent lock picking and bumping. All commercial properties still have a mechanical locking system even if it is just a backup.

As with all systems there can still be some risks, even if you are using a dual system like pin code and biometric analysis. People may tailgate an authorized holder or something as simple as general good manners like someone holding a door open for the person behind them can result in an unauthorized person entering the building. It is important that your personnel are also trained in security awareness to prevent intruders and that each individual is responsible for their ID. The down fails of these systems is that they are some can be hacked using a card reader to identify a pin code

There are also CCTV, surveillance measures which can be installed to monitor the outer perimeters of your property as well as keeping an eye on the internal happenings.

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Security Measures you should consider

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Locksmith Van NuysBurglars and thieves are on the rise, they happen to be gaining in experience and knowledge all the time. Since these unlawful characters are getting smarter and discovering new ways to break down peoples security it means we need to be extra careful and try to stay one step ahead of the game at all times. Very often people think that when they lock their door at night that’s it them, their family and belongings are safe, well with all the new technologies available we could be unfortunately most of us leave security to chance. Many of us are an open door, easy target just inviting the wrong kind of attention and this goes not just for our homes also our places of work too.  Having the right security system for your property is imperative here are a few security options which you should try to look into to update or re-secure your building.

Intercom – Depending on the type of intercom system you choose you can either visibly identify a person, or audible identify before granting them access to your property.

CCTV – Closed Circuit tv can monitor all areas and aspects of your property from the inside to the outside, you can keep a close eye on

Alarm System – Can alert neighbors and authorities if there is a break in attempt by sounding an alarm.

Gate – A lockable gate that protects the outer perimeter of your property allowing nobody to approach unless punched in with an access code, key card or visibly

Garage Door – Most people use the garage door more than the front door, making sure there are no weak areas in the door itself or the connecting passage which leads to your home. Make sure the garage door is functioning properly and is well maintained to prevent access this way.  Be aware if you lose your garage door opener that someone can be cruising round trying to see which door will open. Always fix any garage door problems.

Windows – don’t leave windows wide open, make sure the windows are fitted with locks.

Door Locks – Be sure to have the appropriate locks fitted on all your doors, always monitor them and make sure they are in good working order. Deadbolts combined with other locks are normally used on residential property.

Lighting – Having some kind of outdoor lighting that is motion censored can deter prospective threats.

Brace doorframes – A bracing behind a doorframe that is hidden and can hurt someone who tries to kick, or force their way in. One of the most common entries is by kicking a door with the added layer of protection it will make it very difficult.

Plants – Big trees and bushes can be used to obstruct views into windows and make it difficult to get close.

Sliding Glass Doors – Make sure these are installed correctly and fully functional if not they can be a prime target.

Pets – A barking dog will always act as a great deterrent and keep you company.

Get a Safe – It would be a good idea to invest in a safe that you can keep all your valuables, paperwork and identifications in. There is also a growing crime rate for identity theft.

These are just a few ideas of ways you might be able to keep your property a little bit safer. When looking into updating your security measure find a professional that can help you make those important decision and advice you on the best options. A locksmith will be able to pretty much help with most of the above, plus they tend to work around the clock if you ever find yourself locked out or you lose your keys. Select a company that you feel comfortable with and that you feel will be able to provide the products, installation service and has a lot of knowledge regarding the security industry.

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My Car Key Snapped

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Locksmith Van NuysI was traveling around Los Angeles one weekend and decided to stop off at the beach. When I went to leave hours later,  I suffered an unfortunate incident- my car key snapped from inside the lock. Having never had this happen to me, I wasn’t really aware of how to cope with or deal with the situation. I found myself in a bit of a panic to be honest. First I called my car dealer who quoted me a ridiculous price and said that I needed to be towed to them, so that wasn’t going to work for me.  Though about getting a tow back to my apt but then I realized that I didn’t have a spare key either.

After struggling a bit I called a friend and they recommend that I call a locksmith. So I searched online for a local locksmith company. I was surprised at how many I found, I called a few that were just shops so they couldn’t come to my location and then I found a several 24 hour mobile locksmith providers. Given that it was already 9pm and I needed someone to come to my location a mobile locksmith was my best option.

I called around and got a few different prices, some could help me straight away others the next day. So I asked a few questions and went with the company that I felt most at ease with and whom sounded reliable. The locksmith company that I used were very obliging, I called the number on the website and immediately spoke to a helpful dispatcher. I gave them my contact details, location and the make and model of my vehicle. The next step I received a call from the locksmith to let me know they were on their way within 25 minutes the locksmith had arrived.

The locksmith provided me with identification which immediately made me feel comfortable. They locksmith also ask for my identification etc. Shortly after that the locksmith got to work and was able to remove the key really quickly. Since I was now keyless I needed a new key, my car is newer so I needed a transponder chip key which then had to be programmed so that it could work in the ignition as well.

The whole process didn’t take up too much time, I guess I was lucky in finding an efficient locksmith who worked very quickly and was reasonably priced. But I have heard of some horror stories of people waiting hours for a locksmith to show up and then costing the earth to fix the problem. So having experienced this first hand I would make sure you take your time in selecting the right locksmith for you. Make sure they are licensed, insured and fully bonded.  Ask for estimated time of arrival before confirming and make sure you are clearly understanding the pricing you have been given. Double check that they have the equipment and ability to reprogram and can provide the right key for your vehicle.

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Locksmith Van NuysThe most important aspect of any of your belongings is the protection that you get for them. And when it comes to your home, office or your car, you become highly conscious about the safety issues. You are worried about how to ensure their perfect security even when you are not present or near them. The first thing you resort to is to lock them all. You must be aware that to have a properly working lock that guarantee 100% security to all your possessions, you need a highly developed and technologically sound lock with high key configurations. And for their proper working, you need regular servicing and inspection of the same. For that the person you need to call in none other than the ‘locksmith’. A ‘locksmith’ is a person who deals with your lock and key related issues and solves them. In most countries, locksmiths follow a strict set of rules while starting as apprentices. In others, they must have a certificate or degree after getting proper training from a recognized university. The services that a locksmith provides are not only opening and repairing damaged locks but much more and it takes years for them to achieve complete perfection. Many locksmiths may also provide mobile service operating on sites from their own shops. Locksmiths are the people who know the magic of opening and curing all your sick locks. Starting from gaining entry to jammed locks to a replacement of locks when it fails or the key is lost, they are expert in all lock-related spheres. Many locksmiths are also greatly experienced in working for the locks of small valuables like safe, drawer, box and also internal doors of your house, car or office. They are specialists who hold extensive knowledge of household, automobile and commercial security. Locksmiths commonly work with euro cylinders for Polyvinyl Chloride or PVC doors and Chubb locks and Mortice locks for wooden doors. There are some other important areas that locksmiths cover. These are areas that require specialists and special training. These include auto Locksmith that requires people who are expert in handling the locks of cars, safes control that needs locksmiths who can handle the small locks of safes and the like and security access control which is the inspection for security that ensures that the locks are working properly and have no other access than the authorized one. Thus, locksmiths are the most important people who let you sleep in peace with no worries. Locksmith Van Nuys


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REKEYING Locksmith Van NuysDo you want to go for a rekey service? Confused about what it is exactly? Here is a complete guide about rekeying, how it helps the average consumer and why it is needed today. Rekeying was first invented by Solomon Andrews in 1836, a New Jersey locksmith. Rekeying denotes changing the keys for a lock that is, having a different key to operate the same lock. The locks may also get altered by the locksmith so that new keys will work. Rekeying is a relatively simpler way of changing the tumbler or wafer configuration of the lock thus making a new key only to function while the old one will cease to do that. Rekeying does not need replacement of the entire lock. Thus, adjustable tumbler and keys are the basics of the rekeying system of locks.


This is an often-asked question. There may be occasions when you may feel that some unknown person is having access to the keys of your locks. People have even faced situations when they have got proof of some clean unauthorized entry inside their home, office or cars leaving them totally spellbound. Changing the lock systems of the entire house or office may be a great tantrum. In such cases, the best option is to go for a rekeying. You can always get hold of an expert locksmith who can come down and do all the needful for your rekeying. Therefore, next time you are having any doubts in your mind about some risk, wait no loner and immediately go for a rekeying of your lock systems.


Rekeying is a much better option than changing the entire lock systems of your house or office. Even though lock replacement can be easier in case of car, but of course, it cannot be as smooth as a rekeying. Rekeying is helpful in saving your
• Time- Rekeying ensures the safety and security of your house, car and business at a much quicker time than lock change. You only need to get an expert locksmith to do it for you and all your safety concerns will be solved in a very short time.
• Energy-Lock change may not be done in a quick time and thus you need to give much more energy is getting the whole process done. Of course, installation is much more tiring than a simple rekeying and should be done only at extreme needs.
• Money- This goes without saying that rekeying will involve much less expenditure than getting new locks systems while the safety assurance will be the same. So when you can, it is advisable to go for rekeying without hesitation.

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Locksmith Industry Van NuysLocksmith industry is a one that makes your living much safe and secured. It is a huge and great industry that consists of much more than mere opening of jammed locks. Indeed these works take much time to get perfection. Here are 8 key concepts that comprise the major part of locksmith industry:-
1. Locksmith- The major term in the industry, a ‘locksmith’ is a person who deals with the various aspects of your lock and key related issues and solves them. In most countries, locksmiths follow a strict set of rules while starting as apprentices. In others, they must have a certificate or degree after getting proper training from a recognized university.
2. Rekey-This is a term very much in vogue in the locksmith industry. It means changing the keys for a lock, that is, having a different key to operate the same lock. This is a relatively simpler way of changing the tumbler or wafer configuration of keys so that only the new keys will function while the old ones will cease to do that.
3. Lock outs-An emergency situation in the locksmith industry, a lock out is when you are locked out of your car, house or office while the keys are lost, misplaced, broken or jammed. Such situation may arise even when you leave the keys inside and lock the doors by mistake.
4. Lock replacement-As the term denotes, this means the replacement of the whole lock system and not a mere key or configuration. This occurs when the old lock is broken or damaged or you suspect someone having unauthorized access to it.
5. Key copies-This is to make the exact copies of the existing keys. In case of a lost or broken key, if you are sure that no unauthorized access is responsible for that, you may also go for copies of the existing keys. This definitely needs a very expert locksmith.
6. IC Core replacement-An interchangeable core is a compact keying mechanism in a specific small format figure eight shape. This has specialized control keys which if lost, broken or misplaced give rise to extreme emergency situations. You immediately need a locksmith.
7. Security inspection-It is used to denote the checking around any of your properties including your house, business, car or any other small valuables like chest of drawers, boxes, internal doors and the like to judge the level of security they have and hence come up with the weak areas that exist to recommend and estimate the services needed.
8. Miscellaneous valuables-This denotes the items like chest of drawers, boxes, internal doors, safes, office desk, mailbox and the like that can contain small valuables like jewellery, gems, important papers a and so on.

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In today’s world of high competition and rush, it is very disappointing that the rate of increase of crime, robbery and theft is also rising at a highly competitive pace. Under such circumstances, people are getting more and more worried about the safety of their valuables most of which are found in their home. Moreover, any kind of robbery is often also assisted by murders and other crime chances. So, people are compelled to become stressed about their security and thus their focus shifts from work, enjoyment or any other factor that they carry on out of their houses.
What can be the solution of such problems? Well, to speak the truth, there is only one proper solution and that is to make the locks of your houses and valuables so strong and complicated that the thief can never dream of breaking through it. Here are 5 tips that can go a long way in ensuring double safety for your house:-
1. Modern lock system- This is extremely important that you have the modern key configured lock for your house and not only the old regular lock and key system. When you have configured keys, it becomes impossible for any unauthorized person to open the lock by unfair means. You can be always assured of your home’s safety. Most people are hesitant in getting such locks as they may find them difficult to operate themselves in case of any emergencies. But in the greatly improved industry of locksmiths, you can get them any time of the day or night you want. Therefore, take no chances with the security of your home.
2. Regular re-key-When you have a key configured lock system, try to re-key them at regular intervals. You may find it a bit difficult at the beginning but getting hold of a good locksmith can always serve you the purpose at very reasonable prices that are nothing compared to the safety of your home.
3. Occasional replacement-Even for a better safety mode, you can replace the locks with new systems occasionally. The long existing lock system may have the chances of getting tracked by the outsiders through repeated efforts.
4. Regular servicing and inspection-This is a must. All your locks, intercom, alarm and the security systems of your house must be checked, serviced and inspected at regular intervals by expert locksmiths at regular intervals.
5. Proper locksmiths-This is a very significant factor. Always go for the best locksmith company in your area. Don’t compromise with the safety of your house for a few pennies. Saving a little may cost you a huge price in the near future.

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